Day 320: Breast Crawl (Go, Baby!)

The other day, I met a really nice lady named Sarah. Sarah is in town for a couple of days visiting her daughter who is an intern here in Manila. Now, it just so happens that Sarah is a breastfeeding consultant. For a pregnant lady such as myself, this meeting was a date with destiny.

Sarah gave me a lot of literature on breastfeeding, but the most striking one for me was on something called the Breast Crawl. Paraphrasing in all my newbie mom glory, it’s when a newborn is placed on the mother’s chest right after he or she is born and allowed to find the breast without being rushed or assisted. This procedure is recommended by the WHO, UNICEF, and WABA.

My husband and I watched a video on the Breast Crawl last night, and I was left weeping like nothing else. You can’t help but cheer for the baby as she finds her way to the breast, her little legs and arms purposely propelling her forward. It was amazing. Like Chariots of Fire times 10. When the baby finally latches on, you will feel her triumph.┬áThe baby from the video was so wide-eyed and precious, I am just beside myself with anticipation for my own baby’s arrival.

After seeing how miraculous the process was, I am utterly convinced that this is something I would like to do when I give birth.


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