Day 143

One of the running jokes between my husband and I is the correct way to cook rice. My grandmother taught me that to measure the amount of water that goes into the rice, use the tip of your middle finger.

You know how each finger has lines that divide the it into segments? (Three, usually although I have a friend who has four segments. She has very long fingers.) The first line from the tip will show you the exact water to rice ratio needed. Rest the tip of your middle finger on the rice and make sure that the water reaches the first line, submerging the top segment of the finger in water.

This will yield in perfectly cooked rice every time. I promise. Now, when I first told my then-boyfriend/now-husband about this, he scoffed at the idea.

When I told him that the method has never failed before so empirical data shows that it works, he laughed. It has never happened before, therefore it will never happen?

But ever since we got married, he’s seen how accurate fingers can be. Our rice always comes out awesome. Now, he makes use of the same method too. He’s been going around saying our grandkids will make fun of him for his initial disbelief at my rice-making technique.

So, are we the only ones who makes use of our fingers to measure out the water? How do you cook your rice? 🙂