Day 339: Cool Parent

The probability of me turning out to be the cool parent is non-existent. That realization became pretty clear to me once found myself literally tearing up at the thought of my child going off to his or her first party. Unless my husband intervenes, I foresee that my kid will have a hard time asking for permission to go out.

My parents never had a problem with partying. In fact, they were a teenager’s dream. They let me attend concerts, overnights, and parties during school nights. My dad ordered a rum and coke for me when I was in second year high school. He even got me a VIP card at some club at the same time. They epitomized cool parenting.

In hindsight, they operated under the logic of supervised rebellion. I have to say that it worked. Drugs, alcohol, and the wild lifestyle never appealed to me. I never really got in trouble. Honestly, you would be hard-pressed to find a person who loves rules more than I do.

That being said, I’m not sure if I can muster the same courage my parents exhibited. I can totally see myself as the parent who will be told by my kid that I can head home since the party will end late, but I will insist that it is fine — then I will wait in a parked car, in a dark alley, waiting for my kid to be ready to go home.

My husband is amused whenever I tell him this because he says I have no right to be strict in this aspect since I myself liked to go out. I always retort, “Exactly. I have the right because I went out. I know what goes on.”

What about you, will you let your kids party? How lenient/strict should a parent be?