Day 47

Chinese Lemon Chicken

I’m a mixing flavors kind of girl. I love it when food offers a combination of flavors — sweet and salty. Salty and spicy. Sweet and sour. It is no surprise then that I love Chinese lemon chicken. Stick me in a Chinese restaurant and I will most likely emerge with my belly full of these little nuggets of heaven.

For dinner last night, I thought I should give it a go. I checked out the recipe here and here and it seemed simple enough. It turned out to be meh, although my husband loved it. I hate frying so there’s that. Also, there was a mildly bitter aftertaste with the sauce. I’m thinking I burned the cornstarch? Or maybe the white part of the lemon made it bitter? Perhaps using just the juice of the lemon and some zest would suffice.

Since I had some leftover lemons and the weather was crazy hot, it would be silly not to make some lemon iced tea.


iced tea weather

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