Day 194

For our 0.5 year wedding anniversary, my husband and I took a trip to Bacolod, his province.

The first day consisted of eating rice for breakfast, lunch, merienda, and dinner. With my husband as my personal tour guide, it was inevitable that we would just go on a food trip.

In Manokan (Chicken) Country, Bacolod, even the chicken knows that it is love.

heart shaped chicken

For dinner, we discovered a quaint restaurant called Felicia’s. The food was so-so, quite pricey for Bacolod rates; but, the macarons were fantastic.

not a macaron

We joined his family to go to his family’s fish pond the following day. It was a ginormous tract of land, so much so that I felt dwarfed.

“I’m dwarfed.”

The pond dog seemed unfazed though.

woof, yo.”

I’ve never seen fish being harvested before. It’s weird how the fish seemed to have very distinct personalities. Some jumped and squirmed in protest. Others tried to surreptitiously get away. Others lay very still, their mouths agape, like they are just waiting for their inevitable demise.  At first, I felt bad that they were being gathered to meet their doom, but my husband has deemed it the ultimate glory of their existence. Kind of like Sparta.

Hard at work 

We went to a place called the Ruins. It was beautiful, but odd. There were no tour guides so was hard to know exactly what you are looking at. The information mainly came from tiny plaques posted on the walls as well as from framed newspaper clippings. You can buy juice and artwork inside the structure and one of the back rooms was being renovated in a modern way. It was weird. Like a tourist wasteland. I did like the place for the pictures though.

Looking pretty good for something called the Ruins.

My husband and I have been bitten by the travel bug. Next stop: Hong Kong.