Day 373: It’s a girl! (more or less)

After months of being utterly and absolutely convinced we were having a boy, the doctor told us last Saturday that it looks like we’re having a girl!

(Although when we pressed the doctor if she’s sure, she backtracked and said, “more or less”. We have to wait another month to find out for sure.)

In the meantime though, we are over the moon at the prospect of having a little lady around the house.

One thing I realized is that it is infinitely harder to think of a name for a girl than it is for a boy. There are a ton of options, but they all fall into these categories: names that we are ambivalent over, names that we don’t like, and names that we absolutely detest. We haven’t really fallen in love with that one special name that will be worthy of our one special little girl.

The online lists have been useless. They keep on coming up with suggestions like


Are you my banamama?


Am I your cinnababy?

No, no, no. We’re having a baby, not a breakfast buffet.