Last Few Weeks

There’s pregnant.


And then there’s very pregnant.

At around 36 weeks, a woman develops abilities that include carrying a significant amount of weight the whole day , washing her toes without actually seeing them, and growing a life inside her.

I may be biased here, but frankly, it’s comparable to being a superhuman.


Just don’t ask her to save the day, because if we’re being completely honest, all she would rather do is sleep, sleep, and sleep.


Good night.


Day 370: I protest.

Is it just me or did the world suddenly take ownership of my belly when I became pregnant?

I think that everyone loves a pregnant lady. For the most part, pregnancy is an enjoyable experience, especially since it offsets my moody disposition.  But, there is a chunk in the population that feels that my blossoming belly is an invitation to:

a. Touch/rub/and in one disturbing moment kiss my stomach

b. Offer unsolicited advice about motherhood and its woes. Extra frown points  if the person giving the advice isn’t even a parent.

c. Tell graphic stories of their childbirth and pregnancy experience, if already a mother*

d. Tell graphic stories of their friends’ or family member’s childbirth and pregnancy experience, if not a mother

e. Give really ominous advice.**

d. Comment on the size of my boobs.

It is this part that is not as pleasant. In my heart of hearts, I know that these people mean well and I try to appreciate the sentiment behind it all. At the very least, I haven’t snapped at anyone yet. It’s just that I’m starting to feel like the norms of society no longer apply to me. I mean, last time I checked it is still rude to say to stare at someone’s chest and loudly exclaim that they are enormous.

So universe, please hear my plea. Try to be a bit more sensitive. If you touch us, do we not crave for personal space? If you describe the color of your private parts during labor, do we not shudder and think, “I didn’t need to know that.”?

Pregnant ladies are people too. Say it with me — pregnant ladies are people too.

I had the experience of meeting a lady for the first time and she launched into a full blown account of the urinary tract infection she went through during her pregnancy. She actually described the condition and appearance of her pee. Whatever happened to “So, where do you work?”

**In the early stages of my pregnancy, I had one person come up to me and say that I will probably miscarry because of my work. Gee, thanks. A first time mom really needed to hear that.