Day 13

With a little under two weeks of married life, I now consider myself an expert — yes, I can be presumptuous that way. I think one of the biggest adjustments that need to be made when married is how time is managed. Seriously, how did my mom ever do this? I really wish I have 12 extra hours in a day. I need time for housekeeping stuff, my work, quiet time, time with my husband to whisper sweet nothings, and sleep.

Right now, for example: the dishes need to be done and at the same time, the laundry is awaiting my attention. I also want to try out the Victoria’s Secret workout and I’m just itching to clean the bathroom.

I would love to go on a rampage of my time management skills – my mad skillz – but that would be a cliche. Instead, enjoy. I’ll be at least listening to it while I exercise by lifting laundry bags.

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