Day 171

Let’s get one thing straight; I love being married.

That does not mean, however, that being married is easy. I’m not even talking about the broad strokes of submissiveness, gentleness, and all other virtues that are inherently difficult to express and live out. Of course, those are hard. Those are a given. I’m just referring to the daily grind of marriage:

The getting up in the morning before the usual time because he’s already getting ready for work.

The repetitive chores. Laundry, dishes, cleaning, cooking — in that order. Sometimes, punctuated by grocery shopping, banking, and other errands.

The immensely difficult task of putting together the correct pair of socks when all of the socks are either brown or black.

The financial burden of maintaining a home.

The coordination of schedules to maximize the use of the car because gas is expensive. Extra points because feelings can get hurt (usually mine, because I’m sensitive that way) when plans get mixed up.

But for every difficulty, there is always something I am thankful for:

That he told me that I don’t have to make him breakfast so I can have an extra hour of sleep.

That I’m doing things that I never did before and learning that I’m actually pretty good in the kitchen.

That I’m more focused on my career and my goals in life because the future that I’m working for is clearer than ever.

That he is a good provider and has never asked me to contribute anything financially, unless I volunteer.

That road trips, even the short ones going to the office, are so much fun with him around. That we like doing the same things and going to the same places. That he is always mindful of my schedule.

I’m still thinking of a bright side to the black/brown socks thing. I guess it’s that my husband is always so appreciative that he doesn’t mind if I just dump it all into one big pile for him to sort out.

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