Day 341: Crying During Pregnancy

After months of being told that my emotions will probably get the better of me while I’m pregnant, it finally happened. I ended up having an uncontrollable bout of weeping last night.

My husband, looking so concerned, kept on asking me if there was anything I was upset about. I couldn’t really articulate what I was feeling. There was no emotion that stood out — it a jumble of mild insecurity, feeling left out or left behind, and anxiousness. Now, these are emotions that I pretty much live with on a daily basis, even before I got pregnant. I guess the hormonal changes magnified them? I’m not sure. Mostly, I was crying because I felt like crying. It was so weird, I could not stop. It was almost like I was leaking tears. My husband just held me while I simply dissolved.

After about five minutes of sobbing, the tears just stopped. Just like that, I felt okay. It was, to say the least, a baffling experience.

For all those who have gone through pregnancy, is this normal? With or without a baby, have you ever felt sad for no apparent reason?

2 thoughts on “Day 341: Crying During Pregnancy

  1. Normal. Expected. Fine. Welcome to our club.

    Just wait until postpartum. Hormones go CRAZY and you may sob uncontrollably for no reason much as you describe here — but for long periods of time. This can be postpartum depression, but isn’t necessarily. It can just be a result of normal hormonal changes. This can last for a few weeks, be forewarned. And, it is exascerbated by lack of sleep and dehydration which you may also experience. Don’t be scared, though. It’s all going to be okay.

    Get yourself a good mantra to repeat in times of trouble. You can steal mine if you would like. Just repeat to yourself: “It won’t always be this way.”

    It helps keep evereything in perspective.

    Take care. Eat well. Get lots of sleep. Try yoga. Go for walks. Breathe. And, if all else fails, a half of a glass of red wine will NOT kill you…


  2. Thank you for your reassurance. I’ll definitely keep your advice in mind. I’ve been reading a lot about how hormones affect a woman’s emotions, especially after pregnancy, but it is really different when the info comes from a real person and not from a book. It makes me feel less crazy knowing others have gone through it and survived! (:

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