Day 464: Celebrating, Baby Style

How do you know that you’re dealing with parents? They cheer over occasions that only a parent will celebrate.

Mundane occasions.

Gross occasions.

Even occasions when nothing really happens.

Hannah sighs and we fall into a trance. She coos, we burst at the seams with delight. All she has to do is exist and we’re done for. She’s the best, most amazing little lady in the whole universe.

Oh, and one more sign you’re dealing with a parent? We tend to speak in a very distinct way.

3 thoughts on “Day 464: Celebrating, Baby Style

  1. Hahaha! We can totally relate to this. In our case, we scramble for the camera trying to capture each time anything happens! 😛

    Parenthood makes us crazy in love with these little peeps and love every minute of loving them. 🙂

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