Mom’s Tired


We all know the joke: moms will only get to rest when their kids are off to college. Cue the laugh track. Years and years ago, before I had kids, or married, or even engaged. I met someone who told me that parenting is a 24/7 job, with no holidays, and no sick days. I kind of rolled my eyes at it, because that’s impossible right? Surely, that was an exaggeration. Annnnnnd…. cue the laugh track again.

My first hint that it was true was when I was cutting the baby’s fingernails at 3am because that was the only time she wouldn’t squirm. It was confirmed countless times since then — when I was at a meeting, sneakily texting asking if the kids have eaten. Also, when I stayed up all night, researching schools and making the budget and scheduling their extracurricular classes. Even when somebody else takes care of them, it’s impossible to turn off being a mom.

These past couple of weeks have been overwhelming. I’ve done nothing extraordinary. I certainly don’t need to do anything that others don’t do, but why do I feel so tired?

Moms of the internet, do you have any tips for me?


One thought on “Mom’s Tired

  1. I’m always tired too 🙂 I think it’s because our mom brains never completely turn off, just like you said. But I do try to refill my own emotional tank by taking pockets of time here and there to do something that I enjoy–read a chapter (standing in the bathroom, behind a locked door!) of the book that’s taking me months to finish; taking out my craft materials and doing a quick sketch; and lately, standing out under the sun doing absolutely nothing (neighbors probably think I’m weird). So I may be still tired physically, but at least my brain has been refreshed. That’s gotta count for something 😀

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