The Overhead Light Looks Like a Hat

Celebrating our sixth year wedding anniversary this weekend. Hats off to us!


Head Over Heels

HEAD OVER HEELS from Timothy Reckart on Vimeo.

Have you ever felt like you and your partner are being pulled towards different directions?

Head Over Heels, a stop motion animated short film by Timothy Reckart, takes this situation literally and tells the story of a married couple where one lives on the floor, while the other is stuck to the ceiling. They live in the same house, but share nothing except the space they occupy. That is, until a pair of ballet shoes is discovered and ignites the desire to reconnect.

Head Over Heels is a touching look at how marriage is often a struggle, but love can overcome in the most creative of ways.

(In my case, creativity came in the form of playing World of Warcraft)


Day 352: Why Should You Marry a Geek?

Because only a geek can make you smile by saying something like this :

*Actual quote from my husband. He was a geek way before it became cool to be one.


P.S. Know your terms.

via Great White Snark


Day 338: Love Letters

My husband gives me the most beautiful letters. The quote above is from one of the earliest letters he sent, back when he was courting me. I memorized it by heart, down to the details of the yellow envelope in came in. Years later, we got married and he continues to floor me with his words, written or otherwise. I am still so awed at how he sees me.

P.S. Letters are lovely.


Day 333: Thankful Sundays

In a sea of financial obligations, debits, credits, expectations that may either be met or unmet, there are many things that I still need to be thankful for. I spent a large chunk of this week thinking about my decreased capacity to earn because of my sensitive pregnancy, oftentimes feeling guilty because I want to contribute more, more, moreIt made me sad.

This Sunday, I am taking a step back. I’ll rest my everyday in the knowledge that God provides and enjoy the fact that my husband is generous, hardworking, and responsible. We are a team, my husband says. I should learn that being part of this team means that I should be just as comfortable with taking as I am with giving. Give and take, love and be loved. Yes, there is much to be thankful for.


Day 308: How to Make an Expectant Mother Smile

I’ve always been a word nerd. One of my favorite lessons from when I was a kid was the subject of homonyms. Homonyms are words that sound alike, but have different meanings. Today, I got another lesson: the difference between two words that have the same sound can capture a big change in a family.




Day 304: A Note for My Husband

…and I knew it 20 seconds into our first date. I’m so happy we ended up together 🙂



Day 298: Rare Appearances and Close Encounters

Via 500px

I’ve actually been on bed rest for a couple months now due to some precautions my doctor wants me to take. The little one is way too excited to come out into the world and meet everyone. (Patience should be lesson number one, it seems.) With work out of the question and long car rides discouraged, I’m pretty much the Loch Ness of my circle. My outings are rare and very, very brief.

Yesterday was one of those times that I made the effort to go somewhere. I was under a cloud from being cooped up for such a long time and I wanted to support my husband who was bringing a married couple to speak at his work. In a nutshell, I’m glad I did. I may have developed a couple-crush on them.

My husband and I are really the first ones in our circle of friends to get married. Although we still enjoy being with our single friends, it’s not always easy to stay connected.  The schedules don’t match, the choice of what makes for interesting conversation changes, and priorities shift. I’m learning that these differences are part of the realities of marriage.

This is why I thought meeting that couple was so refreshing. They have been married for much longer and are parents to a young boy.  They are so respectful and affectionate with each other. It was also obvious that they prioritize their family. Those are characteristics that my husband and I are continuously working on to develop and maintain in our own marriage. I felt like I was drinking in all their stories on marriage and child-rearing. I was so obviously thrilled to meet them that it was embarrassing.

One of things the most striking things they mentioned was how they spend their anniversaries. They write down the things that they are thankful for and what they can improve on. Isn’t that a wonderful idea? It so simple but seems like it would be so effective. It would be lovely to look back at how far the marriage has journeyed 10, 15, or even 50 years later since it’s all written down. My husband and I celebrated our first year anniversary a few weeks ago and we’re planning on doing this very, very soon.

To those who are married or are in serious relationships, what’s the most practical tip you have ever received?


Day 288: A Note for My Husband