Day 136

I am on a campaign – a mission, if you will – for us to get a dog.

Image from

I even named our future dog; meet Olaf. Here is a rundown of tactics I’ve used to convince my husband that we absolutely need to get a puppy:

1. Wheedling

2. Pouting

3. Logical conversations

4. Extolling the virtues of a puppy

5. Pretend carrying a puppy and pretend scratching its ears

6. Dropping hints that I want a dog

7. Flat out saying that I want a dog

8. Threatening to get a cat

9. Talking about my previous dogs

10.  Giving a name to the future dog

My husband has thus responded with, “I think what you really want is a baby.”

It’s either he knows me extremely well or he’s an evil genius.

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