Day 139

There are some days that are just out to get you. The minute I opened my eyes this morning, I knew it was going to be one of those days.

First, the weather is unbearably hot. Tortuous. It’s not the sexy, Bikram Yoga hot where you can wear tiny tanks and micro shorts to offset the heat. I’m talking about weather that’s both sticky and humid. It’s giving me a monster of a headache.

Last night, my husband made dinner since I was at an event. While I appreciate the gesture, he took out the strainer on the sink and let the leftover food drain down the sink. Can you say pet peeve? I absolutely hate that. I think justifiably so since it ruins the drainage system. Since I had a long day at work and he offered to do the dishes last night, I expected the problem to simply be gone when I wake up.

But no.

Half the dishes were still unwashed and the bits of rice and whatnot has transformed into a coagulated mush of gunk on the sink. Of course, I had to be the one to reach down and scrape it out. Ugh.

Then, I promptly broke a bowl while I was washing the rest of the dishes.

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