Day 141

The other day, my husband had a dream; he was looking at a mirror, baffled as to why he looked so young. He then realized that he was looking at our son. Each time he blinked, the boy would grow older until finally he became a young man. He blinked once more, and our son was a boy again.

Our little boy is wide-eyed with chubby, rosy cheeks. As a grown up, he has a stern look, much like his dad, and hair that falls over his eyes.

It was an awfully sweet dream that I wish I could have shared with my husband. I am now utterly convinced that when we have a kid, we will have a son.

The past couple of days since the dream, summarized:

I didn’t stop bugging him until I was convinced that my son will be adorable, sweet-natured, and healthy. We’re already so in love with our non-existent, future kid.

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